CD4528BP HEF4528 BP Dual Monostabil Multivibrator CMOS IC

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DESCRIPTION The HEF4528B is a dual retriggerable-resettable monostable multivibrator. Each multivibrator has an active LOW input (I0), and active HIGH input (I1), an active LOW clear direct input (CD), an output (O) and its complement (O), and two pins for connecting the external timing components (CTC(1), RCTC). An external timing capacitor (Ct ) must be connected between CTC and RCTC and an external resistor (Rt) must be connected between RCTC and VDD. The duration of the output pulse is determined by the external timing components Ct and Rt. A HIGH to LOW transition on I0 when I1 is LOW or a LOW to HIGH transition on I1 when I0 is HIGH produces a positive pulse (LOW-HIGH-LOW) and O and a negative pulse (HIGH-LOW-HIGH) on O if the CD is HIGH. A LOW


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